Faceplate Options - PHV Products

Option 1 - Through Bore

As standard all of the PHV models from 350mm to 2000mm are designed with a through bore. All faceplates are ground flat and machined with H7 toleranced T-slots.

Available on all models from 350mm to 2000mm. Please check the technical specification for the hole through dimensions.

Option 2 - 4 Jaw Independent Chucking feature and 60 deg. Centre point.

The hole through on all PHV models can be blocked with a centre piece containing a Morse taper socket (or any other taper specified). A 60 deg. dead centre can then be fitted directly into the socket. This option also shows the four jaw independent chucking feature. This feature fits to a standard faceplate (i) (as seen in option 1) and can be adjusted to accept many component sizes (ii)

The independent chucking feature is not available on the PHV-350 or PHV-450.

Option 3 - 4 Jaw Independent Chucking Feature and Location Spigot.

Similar to option 2 this configuration blocks the through hole diameter with a location spigot. This can be of any desired size and can equally be a location recess rather than a spigot. This image also shows the independent chucking feature with reversed jaws fitted for large diameter components.

The independent chucking feature is not available on the PHV-350 or PHV-450.

Option 4 - Through Bore and Independent Chucking Feature

The independent chucking feature does not require a closed bore to operate and is equally effective when used in conjunction with the through bore feature.

The independent chucking feature is not available on the PHV-350 or PHV-450.

Option 5 - Square Faceplate

All of the PHV models can be fitted with a square style faceplate. This also features the through hole facility or can be blocked with any of the centre pieces mentioned above (e.g. tapered hole, location recess/spigot etc.)

Option 6 - Standard Chuck

All the PHV models are designed to accept many standard chucks. The faceplate of the PHV-350 and PHV-450 can be easily removed and directly replaced with a DIN standard recess mounted chuck. The PHV-600 models and above require a backing plate for sealing purposes. A full range of chucks including 2,3,4 and 6 jaw, manual / powered can be seen by clicking here.

Tailstock Option - PHV Models

PHV-T-XXX - Standard Tailstock

All the the PHV models are available with matching tailstocks. The 60 deg. point is located in front of a high load axial bearing allowing high, accurate loading of the component.

When ordering please denote the rotary table model or the centre height required.

PHV-B-XXX - Bearing Support

For extremely heavy or long components a bearing support should be used. These unit contains the exact bearing arrangement as the motor driven PHV models and identical hydraulic clamping system. The faceplates can be customised to any configuration shown above or can be fitted with a standard chuck. Linear tables are also available to allow linear movement of the bearing support unit. For more details please contact the sales department enquiries@zeatz.com.

Miscellaneous Option - PHV Models

Hydraulic Pump Unit

All the PHV models require direct hydraulic pressure to operate the clamping system. This hydraulic pressure can be supplied directly from the machine to the table or if direct hydraulics are not present on the target machine this independent clear tank pump unit can be fitted. This unit includes all the required values and pressure switches.

The hydraulic pump unit can be fitted to any PHV table within the range.

Raiser Blocks

To either permanently or temporarily raise the centre height of any PHV model a simple raiser block can be used at minimal cost. Numerous slot configurations and height variations can be accounted for depending upon the application.

Notes and Disclaimer

(i) The independent chucking feature on the PHV-1000 models and above require a specially prepared faceplate not offered as standard. (ii) the independent chucking feature within the PHV-600 and PHV-800 models should only be used for lightweight components. For heavier or longer components please use a standard chuck as featured in option 6 above or here.

Disclaimer - Information displayed on this site and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and given in good faith, but because of factors which are outside our knowledge and control, and affect the use of the products, no warranty is given or to be implied with respect to such information. Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.

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