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Faceplate Options - PH and PHL Products

Option 1 - Square / Through Hole

A square or rectangular faceplate can be fitted to all models of PH and PHL. The through bore option of the PH model and the design of the PHL model allows a hydraulic coupling to be fitted to the surface of the table. The centre of the faceplate can also accommodate various centres (e.g. location recess / spigot)

Option 2 - Round / Location Recess / Independent Chucking Feature

Both the PH and PHL can be fitted with a round faceplate. The image shown here illustrates 1000mm faceplate and a 100mm location recess. The location dimension can vary depending on the application. Faceplates with diameters over 600mm diameter can be fitted with a four jaw independent chucking feature (i).


Option 3 - Round / Location Spigot

Very similar to option 2 however the centre of the PH/PHL faceplate is fitted with a location spigot. The image shown here illustrates a 1000mm faceplate and a 100mm location spigot. These can also be fitted with the same chucking feature as shown in option 2.

Miscellaneous Options - PH and PHL Models

Hydraulic Pump Unit

All the PH and PHL models require direct hydraulic pressure to operate the clamping system. This hydraulic pressure can be supplied directly from the machine to the table or if direct hydraulics are not present on the target machine this independent clear tank pump unit can be fitted. This unit includes all the required values and pressure switches.

The hydraulic pump unit can be fitted to any PH and PHL table within the range.

Notes and Disclaimer

(i) the independent chucking feature on PH-600 and PH-800 can be fitted with no modification to the standard supplied faceplate and should only be used for lightweight applications. Model PH-1000 and above requires a specially adapted faceplate that is not supplied as standard.

Disclaimer - Information displayed on this site and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experience and given in good faith, but because of factors which are outside our knowledge and control, and affect the use of the products, no warranty is given or to be implied with respect to such information. Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.

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