Faceplate Options - PV Products

Option 1 - Through Bore

As standard all of the PV models from 170mm to 300mm are designed with a through bore. All faceplates are ground flat and machined with H7 toleranced T-slots.

Available on all models from 170mm to 300mm. Please check the technical specification for the hole through dimensions.

Option 2 - Standard Chuck

After faceplate removal all the PV models are designed to accept a standard DIN 6350 chuck recess. Without any modification the PV tables are ready to accept a number of manual / powered chucks of 2, 3, 4 and 6 jaw. To view details of all the chucks offered by Zeatz please click here.

Option 3 - Standard Recess

All the PV tables are designed with a standard location spigot and a location taper directly behind the faceplate.

Option 4 - Collet Chuck or Similar

The spindle of all the PV models are manufactured with a ground taper directly located behind the faceplate. Standard tools with taper mounts can be directly located and driven by the recessed drive keys embedded into the faceplate.

Tailstock Option - PV Models

PV-T-XXX - Standard Tailstock

All the the PV models are available with matching tailstocks. The PV style tailstock has been designed to maximise the component capacity in terms of length and size. Both manual and pneumatic tailstocks are available on request.

When ordering please denote the rotary table model or the centre height required.

Miscellaneous Options - PV Models

Raiser Blocks

To either permanently or temporarily raise the centre height of any PHV model a simple raiser block can be used at minimal cost. Numerous slot configurations and height variations can be accounted for depending upon the application.

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